We think

also about tomorrow!

Holidays at the Kirchheimerhof are sustainable and suitable for grandchildren!

The Kirchheimerhof stands for wonderful, happy holidays for the whole family and also for the coming generations due to our lived sustainability!

Our green thread...

An evident “green thread” runs through our hotel and outdoor offers.

Due to our own conviction, we have long been investing consciously with local producers and suppliers in a sustainable infrastructure and we source our raw materials from local resources.

A “green thread” therefore runs through all aspects of the hotel at Kirchheimerhof.

We are dedicated to offering you beautiful holiday days at Kirchheimerhof! However, preserving resources and the beauty of our region, also for future generations, is equally important to us.
In brief – sustainable holidays in the interests of future generations!

In brief – sustainable holidays in the interests of future generations!

Discover the Kirchheimerhof panoramic location in nature:

  • We are situated in a wonderful panoramic location – surrounded by 70,000m² of rural nature that we farm ourselves.
  • Car-free zone all around the whole hotel!
  • Unique view of the surrounding mountain world of the Nockberge – from every room!
  • The relaxation and treatment rooms in our Panorama SPA also afford magnificent views into the distance and of the undulating peaks of the Nockberge.

Discover the Speick plant and Speick natural cosmetics:

  • The delicate Speick plant grows exclusively in the Carinthian Nockberge not far from the hotel – you can discover it on herb hikes with Sigrun Hinteregger.
  • Kirchheimerhof is the first and only hotel that uses the Speick plant throughout in care products (100% organic natural cosmetics) at the hotel – for treatments at our SPA, in the room as shower gel and liquid soap, in the sauna area for aromatic infusions and as a fragrance throughout the hotel!

Discover our organic farm a few steps from the hotel:

  • The breeding of Limousin cattle by the hotelier Gerald Hinteregger provides high-quality and delicately marbled meat for the hotel kitchen.
  • The mini farm with potbellied pigs, alpacas, goats, ponies, beehives and of course cows is a true highlight not only for our young guests! Suggestion: feed bags are available at the reception, which will delight our animals just as much as stroking.
  • Those who like can help with the farming work – taking care of the stables, harvesting hay and much more!

Discover our regionality:

  • In all areas we prioritise partners in and from the region – especially for investments in the hotel.
  • Regional materials such as arolla pine wood and garnet – the power gem of love – are important elements in our rooms, along with elements in the rooms and in the hotel designed by local artists.
  • In terms of cuisine we are situated in the Alpine Adriatic region – we therefore source our products not only from Carinthia but also from Italy and Slovenia. This makes our cuisine very diverse!

Discover our outdoor nature playing arena:

  • The extensive natural grounds with many playing attractions for children is not an artificial world but with the use of natural materials from the region it offers an attractive world of experience that promotes the motor and creative skills of children playfully!

Discover our flower and herb garden:

  • Grandma Elli’s vegetable, flower and herb garden
  • Orchard with blueberries, strawberries, gooseberries, currants by the natural playing arena
  • Magnificent summer flowers all around the whole hotel that also provide us with floral decorations at the hotel!

Discover our energy sustainability and e-mobility:

  • We consistently use renewable energies to generate electricity and warm water with our pellets heating (local pellets) and our photovoltaic system.
  • Experience the advantage of emission-free vehicles, whether it is an electric car (Tesla model X + BMW i3), an e-scooter or e-bike – supplied by our in-house electricity generation!

Discover the Nockberge biosphere reserve with pristine nature:

  • A natural landscape that is largely original.
  • Conservation of the animal and plant world including their habitats.
  • People and nature come together to enable an impressive nature experience for you and us.

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