The Hinteregger family - from the hube to the hotel

In the 15th century, the Greierhube occupied the spot where the KIRCHHEIMERHOF now stands majestically on a plateau above the rooftops of Bad Kleinkirchheim.

Once known as “im Kray”, it was known and appreciated for its incredible views. “Im Kray” means something like “out on the edge”.

What started off centuries ago in this wonderful spot on the edge of the Nockberge mountains was turned into a focal point of Bad Kleinkirchheim’s tourism by Elli and Otto Hinteregger in 1960. That was the auspicious year in which the Hinteregger family bought the Greierhube and therefore also the birthplace of the KIRCHHEIMERHOF.
Elli was a trained chef and pastry cook and Otto a passionate innkeeper, an ideal combination which is reflected in the hotel’s hospitality to this day. Elli and Otto Hinteregger laid down the foundations for the host tradition, which is still upheld in the form of hard work and enthusiasm.

Gerald and his wife Sigrun have been running the KIRCHHEIMERHOF business since 2003.

The next generation of the Hinteregger hotelier family are already waiting in the starting blocks. Daughter Anna studies tourism management and son Moritz goes to Tourism Collage in Salzburg.

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